Your new favorite boxer.

Enjoy the breathable and soft Comfort Boxer made of high quality bamboo fiber.

  • Reduce Sweating

    The breathable bamboo fiber  fabric reduces sweating. This means you’ll no longer experience sweat stains!

  • Super Stretchy

    The boxer is extremely stretchy due to the unique composition of the fabric. This ensures you a perfect fit.

  • No Billboard

    It’s a sleek and functionally designed boxer without exaggerated logos or noisy colours.

  • Anti-abrasion

    The material reacts well to fluids and has an anti-abrasive effect. This makes the boxer perfect for sports.

You've never experienced such comfort.

Are you looking for the perfect boxer? Underwear that’s comfortable and prevents sweat stains? Then you should try the Comfort Boxer today!

The Comfort Boxer combined with the perfect fit and soft material make these boxer shorts the perfect underwear. A must-have for every man's wardrobe.

15.000+ men made the switch already! Try it for yourself!

  • Extremely breathable.

    The underwear is made of fresh and breathable bamboo fiber. This innovative fabric provides the perfect climate inside your boxer and reduces sweating.

  • Exceptional fit.

    Our underwear is slim fit and super stretchy. This ensures you a perfect fit. It feels like you’re not wearing underwear at all.

  • Soft and durable.

    The unique composition of high quality bamboo fiber, polyester and spandex results in a soft and durable fabric. This ensures that you can enjoy your Comfort Boxers for a very long time!

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