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Sold by a partner of Comfort Boxer

Comfort Boxer 4-Pack - Breathable, soft underwear.

$34.99 $69.99 (2+2 boxers for free!)
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Sold by a partner of Comfort Boxer

Comfort Boxer 4-Pack - Breathable, soft underwear.

$34.99 $69.99 (2+2 boxers for free!)
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No more sweat stains and no more irritated skin with the stretchy Comfort Boxer made of soft and breathable bamboo fiber!

✓ Incredibly comfortable
✓ Made of breathable bamboo fiber
✓ Reduces sweating
✓ Super stretchy
✓ Soft and durable
✓ 100% money back guarantee

15.000+ men made the switch already! Try it for yourself! 💪🏼

The Comfort Boxer combines high quality fabrics with the perfect fit. This makes it the best underwear you’ll ever try. It’s a must-have for every man's wardrobe.

The innovative bamboo fiber fabric we use makes our boxers special. It’s is extra fresh, breathable, durable and extremely soft.

The boxers also have a sleek design without exaggerated logos or noisy colours. We prefer to focus on making good, functional underwear of unprecedented quality.

📄 Info
Material: Bamboo Fiber | Polyester | Spandex
Washing instructions: Machine wash 30°

Your new favorite boxer.

Enjoy our breathable men's underwear made of high quality bamboo fiber.

  • Breathable Fabric

    The breathable bamboo fiber  fabric reduces sweating. This means you’ll no longer experience sweat stains!

  • Super Stretchy

    The boxer is extremely stretchy due to the unique composition of the fabric. This ensures you a perfect fit.

  • No Billboard

    It’s a sleek and functionally designed boxer without exaggerated logos or noisy colours.

  • Anti-abrasion

    The material reacts well to fluids and has an anti-abrasive effect. This makes the boxer perfect for sports.

  • Extremely breathable.

    The underwear is made of fresh and breathable bamboo fiber. This innovative fabric provides the perfect climate inside your boxer and reduces sweating.

  • Exceptional fit.

    Our underwear is slim fit and super stretchy. This ensures you a perfect fit. It feels like you’re not wearing underwear at all.

  • Soft and durable.

    The unique composition of high quality bamboo fiber, polyester and spandex results in a soft and durable fabric. This ensures that you can enjoy your Comfort Boxers for a very long time!